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I am not the best at 40k lore, but from. External plasteel plates slid upwards at her voice command.

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Every fleet we threw at these invaders became sacrificed for little gain.


Warhammer 40k tech priest fanfiction crossover. Warhammer crossover archive | fanfiction. But he was the guardian of mankind, and there was at least. Rwby and warhammer 40k are owned by there respective companies (roosterteath and games workshop) with that out of the way, i hope this is better than the last attempt.

The rebirth of the imperial dream continues, the primarchs and emperor of mankind embark on the great crusade. Whelp, here i go again with another story. Warhammer + young justice crossover.

Many credit this to alador's genius, or odalia's business expertise. A galaxy of threats awaits mankind, the brutish orks, worming rangda, and the thirsting gods of chaos chief among them. The sisters of the order of the onyx rose, lead by the eccentric, unorthodox, and elegant canoness cereza have chosen to intervene.

I find the idea of a little clash of culture interesting, especially therather peacful coexistance btw elves, dwarves and the empire which. Empress ascendant is a worm/warhammer 40,000 crossover fanfic by unruly marmite. 40000 40k blizzard damned girl legion marine marines space little warhammer /tg/ drawthread thing.

Years ago, she made a dark pact with a power darker still. I was in warhammer 40k. I don't own warhammer 40k games workshop does all i own is my oc.

Her first mission could be to assassinate a warlord/heretic in the heart of the imperium. The emperor wasn't sure how he ended up in a different universe, or what the parasite leeching off humanity was. There was a tall window running the full length of the stateroom.

The community created warhammer 40,000 encyclopedia. In 40k there is for a si no such thing as. ———— the trench was full of muffled curses and the clang of flak armour plates bashing into each other.

Rather than a gruesome end at the hands of chaos, the omnissiah spared the adept's life. A planetary governor quest (43k) durin. The human species must unite under the imperial aegis or face extinction or worse.

Heck, the model is already wearing a similar outfit and hair, too! The long night part two: 73 wrath and wisdom of the exiled king » by thetrollingbrother lying dormant in space are ancient beings older than the races of the citadel.

This is the index for the various fan works of warhammer 40,000. A warhammer 40,000 halo and star trek crossover. If you want an alt!power, i know acolyte has taylor as a cultist for all four chaos gods.

Transplant black widow into the universe as a callidus assassin and let’s get this comic started. If you want an awsome crossover with 40k, i can't recommend the weaver option enough. With the emperor's secrets and support, the immense population of.

Vlue , aug 4, 2017 #4 Selina kyle is a thief with no knowledge or defence against chaos, and she has been with close proximity with a chaos relic for over 48 hours. cardsharp's face contorted in a flurry of frustration. For ten thousand years, since his wounding at the hands of his favorite creation, the master of.

An arbitrator's journal (all crossovers with young. In a nameless world, a chaos incursion that originated in the fortress of 'darkness eternal' has proven too much to handle for the local guard regiment. Be it tyranids, necrons, daemons of chaos or the dark eldar, all the horrors plaguing the entire universe in the 41st millennium are pussyshit when compared to the eldritch abominations that are the people of terra in the 21st century.

Fanfiction of a space marine in warhammer fantasy. A question of lolikaboss made me wonder if anyone knows about a fanfiction with a space marine or any imperial / elder in the warhammer fantasy setting? The war, if it could even be called that, raged on for 7 months.

None but odalia know the full truth. Each of you has the possibility to take. For a more streamlined version check it out at fanfiction.net.

Chances are she has already been consumed by the relic in both mind and soul. In the time since his last meeting with his father silver has returned to primordia to oversee the recruitment and restructuring of his legion now that he has full influence over it. The first prince by tapejaraman the blights are one of the wealthiest and most powerful families on the boiling isles.

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