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You never know what you'll add to your collection! Each tech deck 96mm fingerboard comes with various accessories, like a skate tool, extra trucks, extra wheels, griptape sheet, or stickers.

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This magic tape is made with nanotechnology providing uses that are only limited by your imagination.


Tech deck grip tape instructions. 22.9cm (h) x 20.32cm (w) x 4.44cm (d) material: Collect them all and become a pro fingerboarder! After masking, sand the fresh topcoat with 60 to 180 grit.

If you are looking for smooth and grippy tape checkout fbs tape extra smooth. Score the tape for easy and controlled tearing. Cnc lathed wheels and precut foam grip tape.

This is the best tape you will find anywhere! Finish the tape when you are satisfied with the way the tape lies on the board, press down on it firmly for a few seconds to lock it in place. Line the grip tape up on the deck, and then peel back a small part of one edge of the grip tape, and stick it to the nose or the tail of the board.

Then, i used a razor blade held from underneath the board to follow the edge of the board and cut the excess grip tape off along the scoring line. The price is for 1 sheet of griptape in the color your selected color. Email your technical questions to

Its convenient and can be used almost anywhere from the wall to the floor of your home, space, and car. Press down so it lays flat. Apply grip tape cover the top of the deck with grip tape by laying the sheet of tape carefully and evenly on the board, to prevent air bubbles.

Peel off the grip tape backing and place the grip tape on the deck. Consider using a fine grit paper near the edges to avoid damaging the tape. Tech rules and safety video

For optimal grip, adhere grip tape up to the edges of your skateboard deck. Includes 1 x assembled fingerboard, 5 x tech deck boards with grip tape, 2 x sticker sheets, 20 x wheels, 1 x skate tool, 1 x collectors poster, 4 x skateboard trucks, 26 x screws, 14 x nuts; Place your deck on a flat surface so the nose and tail ends are facing up and the graphic on the bottom of the deck is facing down.

The fingerboard is not included. Attach grip tape to deck. Special selection showing advanced tricks on the tech deck tony hawk skatepark includes tech deck &amp.

You never know what you’ll add to your collection! Start with the standard finger position by placing your index finger in the center of the board, just behind the bolts and rest your middle finger on the tail. Then, either keep it like that, or use a different coloured sharpie (orange, blue, red, anything!

With a utility knife, trim all of the excess tape that is hanging over the side of the board, and file the edges. How to make a strong tech deck out of paper and other material. Take out a sharp knife, and cut a line between the two back bolts, so you can see the plastic behind the griptape.

Get some box of cereal or something like the box. Add to wish list add to compare. Skate deck project lesson plan monument to a dream video for bridge builders;

Please bookmark this page for future videos and updated material. Collect them all and become a pro fingerboarder! Run a screwdriver or file along the edges of the board to trace an outline of the deck.

It's best to overshoot the edge by about an inch at least, just to make sure that you get the edges covered. Price is for single item. Once applied to your skateboard, use a box cutter, razor blade, or sharp scissors to cut your grip tape to fit your skateboard deck or cruiser deck exactly.

I slowly lowered and pressed the grip tape to the deck so as to avoid any air bubbles under the tape. This is skateboard griptape, which feels similar to sanding paper. The wooden fingerboard to get you going, assembly is required.

Gamemaker project (beta) jigsaw puzzle project; With the tape applied, i used the barrel’s edge of a screw driver to draw a scoring line around the edge of the skateboard deck. Ramp tricks, flip tricks, grinds and slides all explained.

Take care to sand right up to the masking tape. Each tech deck 96mm fingerboard comes with various accessories, like a skate tool, extra trucks, extra wheels, griptape sheet, or stickers. Waterproofing quality assurance requirements (revision) download:

Add to wish list add to compare. Basic bearing wheels and precut foam grip tape. Damaged tape can be easily repaired simply by applying another layer of tape directly over the damage.

With your middle finger, push the board down and toward you to. This trick is performed by spinning the board 180 degrees under your fingers. To actually see grip tape applied, check out this helpful video:

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