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Sling setup is more akin to a hip pack which makes the buckle positioning and adjustment awkward when trying to use as a sling. 테크 슬링 2는 스마트 기기와 소지품을 정리 할 수 있도록 디자인 된 데일리 슬링백 입니다.

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Aer tech sling 2 review. 패딩 처리 된 메쉬 소재의 스트랩은 장시간 착용에도 어깨 부담을 덜어 줍니다. It stands at 18 x 12 x 7 and 17 l. Even at a distance, it’s clear that the day sling 2 is an aer product through and through.

These two slings from aer are a couple of the most popular slings today, with both selling out as soon as aer is able to stock them. It features a quick access laptop compartment, a main compartment for your tech accessories and a versatile sling strap for multiple carry positions. Aer tech sling (us$ 80) aer’s tech sling delivers a honed blend of minimalist aesthetics and functional design for urban carry needs.

Review of the aer tech pack 2 which is stylish and versatile work and everyday tech bag that offers a great build quality, tons of comfort, a nice amount of organizational options, and some additional capacity over its smaller brother, the aer day pack 2. The aer tech folio can seem a little bulky. By matt ritscher, july 22, 2021.

The look is largely the same but the bottom looks a little narrower. As someone who reviews and wears only black products, i have no complaints. The highlight of the fit pack 2 is its pockets to store all your workout gear.

The tech sling 2 is designed to carry your everyday essentials. Aer tech sling 2 laptop compartment speaking of, the laptop compartment is located at the very back of the bag and can hold up to a 13” laptop. If there was one thing that i think some people would like, it would be a strap attachment point to sling it over a shoulder.

In terms of style, this bag is like if the aer tech sling 2 and the aer day sling 2 had a baby. The bag’s front opens into a large pouch that holds. Interesting that the specs of the new one show a larger volume but same width with smaller length and depth.

While the aer's travel backpacks come in black, grey, and navy, the aer tech pack 2 comes in only one color, black. But this was not something that i found was needed for how i would use the folio. They may have given the main pocket even more extra material, but not sure why that's not counted in the depth.

The city sling is one of aer’s most compact slings at a 2.4l capacity, but thanks to its adjustable and compressible design, it’s able to take on more than its share of larger objects and loadouts. The versatile, everyday sling bag. My thoughts on the tech sling 2:

Review of the aer travel sling 2 and dopp kit 2 which are two solid minimalist travel accessories that offer a sleek look, great build quality, and impressive organizational options. Have been using it for about a week and while the sling/one shoulder style isn't working out great for biking i do enjoy carrying it once i'm on foot. Another nice point about the tech pack (and all of aer’s bags) is that they’re very comfortable.

You want a sling for the gym and only need it to carry the basics. 2018 carry awards best work shoulder bag (reader's choice award) the tech sling is designed to carry your everyday essentials. The tech sling 2 is designed to carry your everyday essentials.

If you watch our other reviews we do the aer sling, the aer gym bag, the aer duffle backpack and you’ll see that the branding and the identity of these bags and this company as a whole is pretty similar, i mean most of their stuff is using this ballistic nylon and everything has this black on black, all of them are using these like matte zippers right here all of them have like the same feel of a zippers like their. The tech pack 2 is slightly smaller than the tech pack 1. Aer’s original dopp kit is one of my favorites so glad to see it get an update and the travel sling 2 ended up surprising me quite a bit!

The aer sling bag 2. There is plenty of padding on the back and in the shoulder straps. Aer travel sling 2 | if we didn’t know this was aer, we probably wouldn’t know this was aer.

The versatile, everyday sling bag. The zipper pulls are overkill. Most of that’s pretty standard for backpacks, though.

Is perfect for you if.

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